3 Ways To Protect Your Home’s Roof

3 Ways To Protect Your Home's Roof

The roof of your home protects your building and belongings from the elements. However, most people don’t think about the top of their house until there’s a problem. Damages to the roof can take a lot of time and money to repair, so it’s better to take care of your home to prevent these occurrences. Here are three things you can do to ensure your roof stays in top shape.

1. Have It Cleaned Each Year

Dirt, debris and algae build up on your roof from wind and rain events during the year. Over time, the build-up can rot and damage the shingles, the first layer of protection on your house. If the shingles are compromised, the lower structures of the roof are prone to erosion as well. To prevent this build-up from becoming a problem, a roofer Daytona Beach, can clean the surface and the gutters each year.

2. Keep Trees Away From the Roof

Large tree limbs that are near your home may break and fall onto the roof during wind storms. If this happens, you may end up with a hole through the entire roof structure. To prevent this from happening, plant trees a reasonable distance away from your house. If you purchase a home that already has large trees, keep the branches that face the home trimmed away from the roof.

3. Replace Worn Shingles

Occasionally, individual shingles may wear out before the roof needs replacing. If you notice shingles that hang away from the surface, are wrinkled or are broken, it’s best to replace those right away. Leaving worn shingles on the surface means that water can seep into the home, causing a much larger problem.

Keeping your roof in good condition helps extend the life of this vital structure. Having it cleaned each year, replacing worn shingles and keeping large tree branches away from the home are three things that you can do to protect your home.

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