7 Tricks To Make Your Room More Cooler Using Evaporative Air Conditioner

7 Tricks To Make Your Room More Cooler Using Evaporative Air Conditioner

Ideally, the room is a comfortable place to relax. Especially for children with boarding schools, this is the only place that can be returned. But what can you do if the size of the room you live in is no more than 3 × 3? Although many things are acceptable, air circulation is not as easy as in a large room. Not to mention the current hot weather which is hot but also humid. Spirit, total suffering.

1. Maximize the function of the air or install an Air Cooler which is not too expensive

Ventilation plays an important role in cooling the indoor atmosphere because it is an outdoor and indoor air space so that indoor air circulation is good. To add a bit of chiffon, use a chiffon corset when sitting or standing in front of a night window with a hanging fan or fan when there is no breeze. If you are still afraid of the cost of electricity generated by the Air Cooler, then you can use a cheap evaporative air conditioner. You can also watch the benefit of evaporative air conditioner that offer by Vankool on this video below


2. The use of bright colors for the future will give a sense of coolness and peace, especially in small rooms

You know for a fact that color ID can affect the shrinkage of your boards. A bedroom with dark painted walls usually looks fuller and warmer. On the other hand, bright wall colors such as white, light blue and light green in the house give a sense of coolness and serenity to the occupants. The house will also feel cold. Use wallpaper if your dorm walls can’t be repainted.

3. Do not put too many items on the work table because it will really fill your room

This usually occurs monthly or annually in residences that are planned for longer. Or it could be the behavior of business people who prefer to pack well and refuse to leave. When you fill the dormitory with (let alone unnecessary) things, the room feels full. The more items in the room, the more dust will accumulate and is attractive to health. Arrange the items in the room neatly. If it doesn’t really matter, leave the house, donate or think about selling at the stable.

4. To keep the air cool during the day, you need to turn off the lights naturally, with a heater.

The constant light warms the room. Turn off the lights in the room regularly. If you don’t feel comfortable in a dark room, use a light table lamp or light webbing. If your room has windows, it’s best to open the windows and turn off the lights during the day. Besides saving electricity, your room will also feel cold.

If you want the air in your room to be air cooled. If it works well, make the air cooler and artificial!

You must:

  • Fan
  • The answer to the raffia string
  • 2 used plastic bottles
  • sneers
  • nails
  • Ice Cube
  • How to make:
  • Cut the bottom of the bottle 3/4 with a cutter
  • Drill a hole in the center of the bottle with a nail.
  • If there are holes, tie the bottle to the fan with string. Insert a rubber band into the hole in the bottle and attach it to the fan, then tie it. True I heard wrong, I think BT doesn’t like me either.
  • Place enough ice cubes under the sliced ​​bottle. However, do not exceed the hole limit.
  • Connect the fan cable to the plug and then plug it into the plug. The fan is ready to use.
  • When the ice melts, open the bottle cap and wet it. Then filled with new ice cubes.

6. Also maximize the use of space so that you do not only surround your room

Despite being a bird, many babies on board don’t feel cold in the room. The problem is, they abuse it. Use the right-left buttons to direct the fan to the front wall where we sit or sleep. This improves air circulation. By focusing the fan directly on your body, you will cool down a little. This method is also not very good for health.

7. By placing plants or flowers in the room, the room feels more a live and fresh

Apart from placing plants or flowers in the room, it makes the room more comfortable. As we all know, plants provide oxygen during the day. Too much oxygen will make the room feel and feel perfect. Place a medium or small pot in the room. Before weaning, it’s good to eat the plant

Those were the 7 tricks to cool a small room so you don’t need heat anymore. if there is a writing error please forgive us, thank you.

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