Ways To Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Office Building

Ways To Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Office Building

Do you own a commercial office building and are looking for ways to make your property more attractive? Many commercial real estate professionals purchase real estate with intention of renovating and improving upon the land. Many times, bank loans for commercial real estate are created with the stipulation that the property must be renovated. Improving a piece of land and attached property not only makes the real estate more valuable but in turn it becomes more attractive to potential clients and tenants. When you improve your property, many added benefits will appear over time.

Improve Bodies of Water

If the property you own includes outdoor bodies of water, you must pay attention to the health and the aesthetic of these features. Maintaining ponds and lakes outside a commercial building not only helps keep them looking attractive but also keeps the water free of potentially harmful substances and bacteria. If you recently purchased your property and aren’t sure where to start, many professionals can help you fix what you need to. One way to improve small bodies of water around an office building is with the help of things like pond aerators and fountains.

Touch-Up Surrounding Landscaping

Sometimes, something just as simple as some new plants or shrubs added to a garden around a commercial building is all that it takes to make the property more desirable. Clean, well-manicured plants in an outdoor office building garden give it a more elegant feel. You want potential tenants and their clients to be impressed by your building and not scared away by it. If your property is overrun with weeds and other invasive species, then it’s important to tend to these problems quickly. Weeds suck up moisture and nutrients from the ground that your other plants need to survive.

Fix Your Parking Lot

One thing that keeps potential customers away is a parking lot full of potholes. When your tenants and your clients arrive at your building, the last thing they need is a flat tire from parking in a hole. When the lot is uneven and dotted with potholes and cracks, it gives the impression that the building is being neglected. If you’ve just recently purchased your building, look into paving the lot quickly so you avoid potential headaches.

There are many other things you can do to improve your commercial office space property. Making the building more attractive will keep you flush with tenants for years to come.

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