What is a Slab Leak, and What Causes it?

A slab leak is an occurrence under the foundation of the house where the piping within the ground starts to leak. Sometimes this can be gradual over time or the leak can be huge causing a major problem. Signs that a slab leak is occurring could be noticing water spots in your home that are unexplainable, another sign and one that is gradual are cracks starting to form in the foundation due to the ground shifting from the leak. Another sign that there could be a slab leak is if your water bill starts to go up for no apparent reason. So, what causes a slab leak? Well, there are several causes and here are some to be aware of.

Problems During Construction

Unfortunately, this is one of the primary causes of a slab leak. If the quality of the pipes installed wasn’t good, or they weren’t properly installed. Sometimes it’s not even the fault of the contractor but something unforeseen happens during the construction of the house such as pipes loosening due to the vibration of some machinery being used. Another factor that could be tied into this is not taking into consideration what could happen to the pipes over time. Some pipes such as the highly desired copper can corrode easily. In fact, old pipes are the major cause of slab leaks even over construction, because of the elements and the fact that over time things will start to age, and that is disastrous when it comes to piping.

Abrasion and Water Quality

Two other things that are unavoidable but could lead to slab leaks. We never know what kind of water we are drinking out of taps, tap water has chemicals, salt, and even limescale all of which could damage pipe causing them to corrode. As for abrasion, again chemicals in the water, weather conditions and even hot water can cause wear and tear on pipes over time causing a slab leak.

Outside Pressure

Ever think about heavy machinery being used to work on the street outside our homes. Sometimes we actually feel the vibration. What about those who experience an earthquake and the damage these can cause. Yes, again these can lead to a slab leak because the foundation will shift along with the ground protecting the underground pipes.

Addressing the Problem

When a slab leak is suspected the best course of action is to address the problem by seeking out proper help. There are professional services throughout the country that can help determine if you do indeed have a slab leak. For example, you can find several Slab Leak Detection Services gainesville fl, just by doing some research online and getting quotes as to how much the service will be.

Slab leaks are a treatable problem, but these should never be ignored. This is a problem that won’t go away on its own and will ever get bigger over time creating even more damage, and the cost to repair would go up considerably. So, know the signs of a slab leak and if you think you may have one deal with it the sooner the better.

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