Solar Power Generation: How it Works, Benefits

Solar Power Generation: How it Works, Benefits

Electricity capacity in Indonesia is not sufficient to serve all regions in Indonesia. The demand for electricity in Indonesia continues to increase, namely 10% – 15% per year, but the construction of power plants is still lacking. As a result, PLN is carrying out rotating blackouts which of course harm consumers.

Utilization of solar power generation systems (PLTS) can be a solution in dealing with the threat of an electricity crisis. Power generation systems that use solar panels or also known as solar panels are an environmentally friendly energy source.

PLTS with solar panels mounted on the roof is increasingly popular and growing in society. This system is considered easy to implement, simple, and its capacity can be adjusted according to the roof area. This system is also in demand because sunlight is easy to get in Indonesia which is a tropical area. Check out the meaning and workings of the following solar panels.

Are you interested in installing solar panels as a solution to saving electricity? This article will discuss the ins and outs of solar panels, how they work, benefits, permits, to the following installation costs.

  • Definition of PV mini-grid
  • How PLTS Works
  • Benefits of Using PLTS Technology
  • Requirements for installing PLTS on the roof of a house

Definition of Solar Power Plant

Solar power plant is a system that can be used to convert sunlight energy into electrical energy using a principle called the photovoltaic effect. Example, LIKE USING A solar fan. The energyof electrical generated will be put away in a battery, then, at that point, used to work electronic gadgets as per their electricity needs.

How Solar Power Works

In simple terms, the way solar panels work is by absorbing sunlight and storing the resulting energy into a battery. Thus, the system can run even in the afternoon, at night, or during rainy conditions. In addition, there is a cable that is integrated with the electrical installation in the house. When there is electricity consumption from electronic goods, for example when turning on a television, the electricity is automatically taken from the battery.

Benefits of Using a Solar Power Plant

Check out the benefits of using the following solar panel technology. You may be more interested in installing solar panels in your home.

1. Save Electricity Bills

The increase in electricity rates certainly has an impact on economic conditions and people’s welfare. Especially if the electricity bill continues to climb without being offset by an increase in income. By using solar panels, electricity bills will be reduced by up to 50%, you might not even have to pay electricity bills. This is because the need for electricity at home can be fulfilled by yourself.

2. Environmentally Friendly

By using a power generation system that uses solar power, you play a role in preserving nature. Solar energy is an energy source that is environmentally friendly and continuously available in nature.

3. Easy to Implement in Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical country with sunshine all year round. This makes our country suitable for the application of solar energy. Thus, the solar panel system can be applied to every home in Indonesia and become an independent power generator.

Terms of Installing Solar Panels on the Roof of the House

Installation of solar panels on the roof of the house should not be done haphazardly. There are things you need to pay attention to below.

1. Pay attention to the installation location

Solar panel installation is usually placed on the roof of the house because it is the location that gets the most sunlight. However, in order to maximize the energy you get, you need to pay attention to the location of your home. The closer your home is to the equator, the easier it will be for you to get sunlight.

You also need to pay attention to which way the roof is facing, the location of the land for installing the solar panel system, and the distance between the solar panels installed on the roof and the main electricity panel. By considering these things, you can plan the right solar panel installation system on the roof of your house.

2. Buy Quality Components at Trusted Sellers

In purchasing solar panel components, you should not be careless. Make sure you check the credibility of the seller and buy quality components from sellers who have a product guarantee. Sellers also need to provide service when problems occur and have after-sales service. This is important because it relates to electrical installations which can be dangerous if damage or problems occur in the system.

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