Tips and Advice How to Add Value to Your Australian Home

Tips and Advice How to Add Value to Your Australian Home

It is a great idea to improve the value of a home before you sell it. With help from a qualified residential builder in Melbourne, you can make minor improvements. This will give your home a new and fresh look. Not to mention it will improve your ROI.

Increasing a home’s value doesn’t mean you break the bank with those costly updates. You may easily improve the value of your property on a very tight budget. To achieve this, you can start with the following ways:

1. Refresh the Space with Paint

Painting your home will surely lift its mood. Besides, it is an affordable way to make your home look good. This is especially true if you choose to do it yourself.

But if you have a budget, handle the walls yourself and let experts take care of the ceilings. You can also get away with cleaning doors, skirting boards, door frames, and windows. You may use sugar soap and natural alternatives, like washing soda, to do the cleaning.

2. Opt for Window Treatments

You may be considering installing smart blinds, which your smartphone may activate. Or you want to install shutters, blinds, or curtains.

Whatever you want to install, window treatments are basically a great way to improve the value of your home. Finding value-adding solutions for windows is as easy as visiting a local blind shop.

If you need recommendations, you can start with shutters or Venetian blinds. They are perfect for introducing warmth to your home.

3. Boost the Curb Appeal

Potential buyers will drive to check out the curb appeal of your home. So you should make sure you have a great curb appeal.

In order to achieve this, there are several things you will need to improve. Some of these may include the following:

  • Guttering and roof
  • Lighting
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Exterior walls
  • Front door

4. Consider Reflooring

Flooring is another feature, which greatly impacts a home’s value. Whether the floors are damaged, old, or outdated, updating floor covering won’t break a bank.

Before you replace tired-looking and old timber flooring, there are several things you may need to do first. These may include cleaning, finishing, buffing & polishing, and sanding & refinishing.

5. Offer Your Bathroom a New Retreat

Nowadays, people expect more from bathrooms other than the basic functionality they offer. Luxury finishes and spa-like amenities are growing in demand as many individuals crave a resort feel in their homes.

As the trend towards retreat bathrooms grows, homebuyers look for bathrooms that inspire relaxation and indulgence.

6. Improve Date Kitchen

Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make several updates to improve your home by up to $13,000.

One way to achieve this is to replace outdated kitchen countertops. This won’t just improve the general aesthetic of the kitchen. It will also make your home look modern.

Final Say!

The best updates for your home depend on your needs and budget. However, keeping these ideas in mind will ensure you make the right changes, which can improve the value of your home.

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