3 Pieces of Furniture That Can Help Employers Create a More Comfortable Work Environment

3 Pieces of Furniture That Can Help Employers Create a More Comfortable Work Environment

The average American spends roughly eight to nine hours at work. This amount translates to approximately 60 hours in a seven-day workweek. Now, although 60 hours may not seem like a whole lot in seven days, it is a game-changer when that number is compared to the number of hours employees are awake for.

What does this information mean? It suggests that the average American spends most of their time not at home but at work. This fact alone tends to be one of the main reasons why jobs nowadays focus on creating a comfortable work environment for their employees. By adding furniture to an office, employers can improve the comfort levels of their employees. The following three pieces of furniture can help create a relaxing work environment.

1. Improving Spinal Health, One Desk at a Time

By investing in office furniture Indianapolis, for example, employers can focus on creating a more symbiotic, worker-friendly environment. A desk, for instance, can significantly improve a person’s work life. Although this level of improvement depends on the type of desk the employee has, desks have been shown to help improve a person’s spinal health by improving their posture and easing their back pain. The benefits do not stop there. Studies have shown that offices that include desks for their employees are a much more productive environment than the offices without them.

2. Providing a Place To Sit

Chairs are also valuable furniture pieces to add to a workplace. In fact, chairs tend to be seen as one of the most appreciated pieces of furniture at a workplace. After working for so many hours, who wouldn’t want to be able to spend a few minutes sitting down whenever they can?

Similar to desks, chairs not only improve posture but also can be instrumental in increasing productivity levels. In addition to those two factors, including chairs at a workplace can also lower a staff member’s chance of falling or sustaining a standing-related workplace injury.

3. Building Rapport With Tables

A part of improving an employee’s level of work satisfaction can go back to the rapport they have with their coworkers. One way to improve this level of camaraderie between coworkers could be by including a furniture piece such as a table. Studies have shown that work environments with tables large enough for around ten people can improve work environments by 10%. Large tables used for lunchtime, for example, can do wonders for staff members. By including tables, employers can create an environment that makes it easier for coworkers to bond, thus increasing work productivity and comfort levels.

Workplaces are seeing the importance of creating a symbiotic environment for all parties. By including the right furniture, an employer can singlehandedly significantly improve the comfort levels of those that work for them.

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