Major Heavy Equipment Used by a Road Work Company

Major Heavy Equipment Used by a Road Work Company

One of the most critical jobs in maintaining a country’s infrastructure is constructing and repairing its roads. Construction companies use a lot of heavy equipment to do this job. Here this guide explores major heavy equipment used by road work companies:


A bulldozer is a crawler machine arranged for pushing objects such as rocks, soil, and tree trunks. It moves on lugs or tracks that allow it to push dirt and move forward as well as backward. These machines can also be dismantled into several parts, including blade, engine, and cabin, to be transported easily from one place to another after completing their task at the site.

Backhoe loader

A backhoe loader is a track-type tractor that has a front bucket and a back shovel. The bucket is used to dig earth, and the shovel is also used for lifting dirt and loading it into dump trucks. It can be operated either by sitting on the driver seat or standing, making it more fatiguing and difficult for workers.

Front End loader

A front-end loader consists of one or two buckets attached with hydraulic arms in front of the vehicle. This equipment works just like a forklift when you place an object to lift it from ground level. In road construction, these machines are used to transport brick stone slabs from the quarry site to the bricking unit and place bricks in the proper position to construct the road.


A scraper is a machine that has an arrangement for removing dirt, rock, or snow from flat surfaces by creating its pathways. So, this heavy equipment is widely used in countries where roads are regularly in bad conditions due to heavy rain during the monsoon season. This tool can enable a Road Work Company to save lots of time and money since it requires fewer workers who have to work at greater efficiency to maintain road infrastructure during harsh weather conditions. It also helps in realigning the highways to make them look well-graded and free of debris.

Trenching Breakdown Machine

Trenchers are machines that can dig narrow trenches in the earth, often for utility lines like electrical cables, irrigation pipes, and gas or oil pipes. They rely on two metal plates with serrated edges, which are forced together using hydraulics to chew through the ground. Additional attachments may be used to slice through materials other than soil, such as asphalt, concrete, or rock.

Dump Truck

Dump trucks use hydraulics to raise and lower the dump box attached to the back of the chassis to facilitate getting the material into place when dumping it in a particular spot. The truck’s cab sits high enough to allow workers inside an open space behind it. In this case, they can load materials by hand or shovel them up using a front loader or excavator before moving forward along its route until ready to deposit its payload at another location. It has two main functions, which are transporting and unloading.

Motor Grader

Motor graders use their weight to push dirt across a surface to be flattened out until smooth or its contours altered as required by a design plan. While most motor graders have three axles plus a blade at the front and rear, some specialized vehicles have a four-wheeled chassis with a specially designed body that combines motor grader and wheel loader features.

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