Smart Ways to Light Your Home

Smart Ways to Light Your Home

Decorating your home involves several aspects, including furniture, flooring, paint and accent pieces. However, lighting is an integral part of the overall look and feel of your home as well. Too often, homeowners ignore the lighting fixtures in their homes, and they cannot put their finger on why something feels off. This article will give you a few tips on lighting your home correctly and revitalizing its appearance. Continue reading to learn more.

Brighten the Entrance

The entryway in your home should always be bright and inviting. Try employing two lighting fixtures on either side of the stairway or entry table. A fun way to make spread light without the need for extra fixtures is to install a large mirror in your foyer. Use savoy house lighting Tampa FL like a chandelier to add some luxury to your entrance.

Use Lamps as Design Pieces

Living rooms are good places for large, stand-alone lamps. Even if you already have some overhead lighting, lamps are a simple way to add style and interest to the room you will probably spend the most time in.

Enliven Your Dinner Parties

Be careful when using large fixtures to light your dining room. If you want to install a chandelier above your dining room table, try to place it low enough to be seen but high enough to place other decorations on the table. The goal is to light up the entire table without inhibiting your guest’s view. The dining room is also a good place for a dimmer switch. This gives you more options for the mood you want to set, depending on the time of day and the occasion.

Lighting your house requires a little bit of planning and some creative thinking. Try using your lights to spotlight areas of the house you want people to notice. A sound lighting system will make your home seem warm and welcoming to your guests and enjoyable for the time you spend alone.

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